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On this site you will find samples of my artwork and photography. You can also buy prints and some of my custom creations here.


My Work

Whether you're looking for a unique art print or need help with a larger professional project, I would love to work with you. I specialize in dark, horror, Gothic, fantasy, vintage and Victorian styles in my digital artwork and designs (though I do Native American and Green designs as well), while my photography is mostly nature based. I also create designs for t-shirts, logos, book covers, cd covers, business cards, flyers, websites and more.

You can also find my designs on products at Eclectic Designs By Mahella, my Zazzle store.

Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work. If you have any questions, please contact me!

Services offered

  • -Book covers

  • -CD covers

  • -Logos

  • -Personal art commissions

  • -Photo restoration and editing

  • -Event project designs

  • -Business cards

  • -and most other graphic design projects!

  • -Handmade items

More about the artist.

I am a registered tribal member (Choctaw & Houma), a freelance artist, graphic designer......and of course, a Goth and Psychobilly girl.

Perhaps most importantly, I'm the proud mommy of two amazing rescue dogs and love animals more than anything else.


Though I enjoy all kinds of art, I have always had an attraction to dark and horror genres and themes, especially vampires. I mainly tend  to specialize in dark, horror, Gothic, Psychobilly, fantasy and vintage or Victorian themes when it comes to art, while my photography focuses anything that happens in front of my camera.

Professionally, I have also designed business cards, logos,  flyers and greeting cards, baby shower and other event projects as well as assisted in graphic design for websites.

My art extends to handmade items, some of which will be found for sale here. They include Native American crafts, Gothic home decor items, gifts and jewelry.


When not working on art I am mainly concentrating on the holistic health field (in which I'm  a trained practitioner), and continuing her studies in other areas as well.

 Music continues to be one of my biggest inspirations when working.  I am also an avid reader (books are bordering on an unhealthy obsession for me), a movie, music and nature lover, and proud Native American. A few of my other interests include: Mythology and folklore, history, literature, Halloween, vampirology, cryptozoology, forensics, law, private investigations, writing dark poetry and songs, crafting, weird things of all kinds, dead things, and of course, health and wellness!


The artist's other creative links: 

Zazzle store: www.zazzle.com/crimsonandink/products*



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